A photographer for the sincere and in love



In 2011, I founded April Bagley Photography after realizing how much I enjoyed capturing those can’t miss - stepping stone moments in life. For me, it wasn’t about being in front of the camera, but rather behind it documenting the mundane, yet beautiful moments of others’ lives. I could see the joy of others, feel that sensation of excitement as they celebrated and gathered together - and I wanted to capture it. To make it a memory they could revisit with the same enthusiasm time and time again.
Fast forward to present day and over 300 weddings + 800 portrait sessions later, I am still so in love with what I do. 
Professionalism is so helpful to make what I do happen, but with my experience in this industry, it also takes a calming presence and empathetic posture to really get to know my clients and capture those moments that leave you in awe. You can expect thoroughness and thoughtfulness with me as your photographer.





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