D.C Garden wedding - documented on film.

Elan & Emily contacted me months and months ago about their intimate wedding celebration in their community garden. It's the garden's first wedding and planner, Greta David, made their vision come to life. Both Emily and Elan were very intent on having their wedding documented documentary style with no photo timeline and no manufactured moments. This was such a refreshing take on the wedding day, even though all of my wedding galleries are full of candid moments, it's rare that I am able to approach the celebration as a "fly on the wall". I'm thankful for this experience and I can't wait to document more wedding days just like this.

Portraits below were documented on my Pentax 645n, Holga 120n, Nikon F80 (35mm) film cameras.

Film stocks used:

Portra 800, 400 120 & 35mm

Ilford HP5 120 &35mm

Developed & Scanned at the best lab ever (i'm not biased at all) Indie Film Lab

Scanner: Noristu - Patrick Glackmeyer (it's very important to choose the best scanner for your style)