With every inquiry I get loads of questions. I wanted to give anyone visiting my portfolio to have an idea of what I offer so hopefully I answer your questions below! 


What is the turnaround time from your sessions?

Portrait galleries are delivered 7-10 days after the session. (seasonal sessions may take longer)

Wedding galleries are delivered 4-6 weeks after event date. 

Do you have props?

I appreciate all styles of photography but props are not my thing. I encourage all parents to bring their children's favorite toys or chairs for my lifestyle sessions. Props can be fun but I'm a natural gal. 

Will I only receive digital files with each session?

Initially each session does come with only digital files. DVD's are available for purchase as well as fine art prints. This gives you extra comfort in keeping your memories stored away digitally. I do recommend backing up any files downloaded. I only keep sessions stored for 2 years and weddings for 4 years. 

Who do you use for photo printing and can I print my photos on my own? 

I use two different labs. I send film to Richard Photo Lab and Digital files are printed through WHCC. 

I encourage you do to both! Print print print print print! Print photos for your scrapbooks, fridge, desks, etc. I provide print releases that allow you to take your images to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart...

What should I wear? 

Wear something that makes you feel confident and proud! Contact me via email and I will send over examples!